API Catalog

This catalog provides access to all our APIs in a single location. You can see all the tools available to streamline workflows, increase efficiency and enhance client experiences. If your business has needs beyond the offerings listed below, contact us to see what we can build together. 

Account Opening & Maintenance

This API allows users to open an account, update an account, and close an account.

Supported Account Types:

  • Individual

  • Joint

Real Time Balances

This API displays real time balances of securities and security lending. This allows the user to view changes throughout the day as the market fluctuates.

Supported Balances:

  • FPL (Fully Paid Lending)

  • Equity

  • Margin

  • Mutual Funds

  • Options

Cash Transfers

This API allows ACH cash transfers from one account to another.

It allows the user to:

  • Send and receive an ACH transfer.

  • Control amount of money that the account can transfer in settings

  • Check if the accounts are valid

  • See the activity of the account for ACH’s.

  • See the status of the ACH as it progresses from stage to stage in the process.

  • Attach a message for an ACH transfer

Terms and Conditions

Provides different legal documents for terms and or conditions.


  • Account Opening

  • Customer Agreement

  • FPL Agreement

  • Margin Agreement

  • Options Agreement

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